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Conceived in 2015 and initiated in 2017 with the goal to be the very best at what it does, Progressive Marketing comprises of set of individuals, unrivaled in their respective fields, gathered with a singular goal; to use the latest digital marketing channels to provide you the with the most complete marketing solutions possible. Whether your goal maybe E-commerce, brand awareness, a new product launch, lead generation or just a strong online presence, Progressive Marketing exists to serve those goals up to the point of perfection. We pride ourselves on our timely deliverables, strong sense of commitment, technical superiority all of which assures an enhanced customer retention. We believe in developing long term relationship with our clients by bringing value, by exemplifying firm commitment and by ensuring effective and transparent communication.

Why Digital Marketing?

In the age of Social Media, Smart Phones and Mobile Apps, the traditional advertising mediums such as Radio, TV Channels, Magazines etc are fastly becoming irrelevant. According to stats, average time spent online is more than 6 hours daily making Digital Marketing the most effective medium for advertisement. In addition to that, the following points elaborate the superiority of digital advertising over the traditional advertising

Extensive Reach

With more than 2.5 Billion internet users worldwide, 1.5 Billion no of websites and such a huge amount of time spent online, internet has become an ideal channel for advertisement eclipsing all the other advertisement mediums combined. Digital Marketing mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat etc have such a huge amount of traction that ignoring any of them may prove to be a marketing suicide

Advanced Targeting

In contrast to other advertising mediums, digital marketing offers extensive targeting mechanisms which enable marketers to target their exact audience with the right messaging at the right time. When a particular prospect is exposed to an ad that has the right message and is shown at a favorable time, this kind of advertising can do wonders. And this is just the beginning, with the advancements of AI tech, targeting options will become more precise.

Market Research Tools

Digital marketing has totally revolutionized the definition of market research. Every internet user leaves a digital footprint which is a set of digital behaviors, interests, activities, interaction patterns whenever they use the internet. This data proves to be an invaluable tool for market research as data mining techniques are used to assess the demand of various products/services in various segments to gauge the inclination of a market towards a particular product/service.

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Why Progressive Marketing?

Superb Customer Support

We pride ourselves on superb customer support. Our customer support is poised to address your every query and to guide you in any way possible. Customer support team at PM is available 24x7 to work at your pleasure. Our senior management is directly involved in the process.

Detailed Reporting

A detailed report is provided to the clients on a monthly/fortnightly basis. This report contains detailed insights and analytics illustrating the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns by virtue of various engagement metrics i-e no of engagements, visits, time of site etc

No Long Term commitments

No long term commitments are demanded at PM, although at least a period of 6 months is required to show reasonable results. We encourage you to only continue our journey with us when you are totally satisfied with our services. We practice transparency in our dealings with our clients

One Stop Shop

We offer 360 degree digital marketing services so as to facilitate our clients and partners as much as we possibly can. There won't any need to hire a separate agency for web development & a separate one for creative services. We offer complete marketing services under one roof.

Economical Services

Our service charges are very economical as compared to local agencies which makes as an ideal choice for small businesses and startups. You don't have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on hiring an agency or looking here and there for freelancers.

Money Back Policy

Progressive Marketing offers free trials and money back policy for clients to ensure that our relationship with our clients develops and grows on trust. If you are not satisfied with our services, we'll refund you without any hassles or delays. We succeed by helping you succeed!

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Services We Provide


Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – The main focus of the world these days. We, at PM, have a team of social media experts who are focu-sed on making your voice heard to a wider audience using the perfect ble-nd of visual communication and content. We at PM, ensure that your obje-ctives are identified and fulfilled, whether its to increase brand/business e- xposure, broaden customer reach or to run a sound number of paid adver- tisements. And don't worry, we keep an eye on the impressions, reach and link clicks count to share with you on a monthly basis.


Web Design & Development

When it comes to a custom design for a website, the sky is the limit. However, it takes ample time to design the perfect website with a stable UI/UX interface. The website designer at PM has the responsibility of placing the required elements in an aesthetically pleasing manner, while keeping in mind the responsiveness and practicality that you require. Also, your end objectives are kept in mind during this process so that the end product can serve you most effectively in the long run.


Search Engine Optimization

Out of the 1.5 billion websites available all over the globe, we want your site to be highlighted and listed above your competitors - And SEO is the right way to go about it. Opposed to other digital marketing techniques, SEO is a business investment that requires a relatively small amount of money accompanied by a groundbreaking strategy, so that it can generate more profit to you in the long run. The professional SEO experts at PM ensure that the results for your website ranking are long-lasting


Paid Campaigns

In order to get better ROI conversions and quality traffic for your website, Google Ads is the perfect option. Since Google is a search giant with maximum online traffic, we recommend this optimal approach to advertise your business/brand on the largest search engine, where your website is bound to show up on top using the right copy, headlines and keywords. Our PPC experts and strategists at PM can work seamlessly on these strategies whether its search network ads, display network ads or YouTube ads

Email Marketing

With the groundbreaking effectiveness of
personalized messages available in the digital world Ú Email automation is a scalable service that allows us to revert back to the users via email in an interactive manner. This personalized act maps real-time behavioral patterns and triggers your potential buyer into completing a conversion on your site. We like to create a resonating message with a powerful campaign, in order to maximize the results of your objective

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